November 20, 2017

Humanity is winning !! Repeating 4s number synchronicity

Invocation by Erik. Nov 13, 2017
Erik:  "We call upon our divine elemental ancestors of fire🔥earth🌍air 🌬water💦. divine mother of light. divine father of time. cloak and shield us, mother tiamat, mother gaia, mother aria, our divine feminine masculine, animal, aquatic, insect and plant families in the shadows of smoke. that we may pass safely amongst all friend and foe. it was, it is, it shall be!"

What happened next was pretty interesting >>>

Saudi Arabia arrests

I'd just finished writing a transcript for Jordan Sather's 11.11 video and this synchronistic number turned up on the Saudi Arabian article. Simultaneously, i'd logged into Facebook and Erik's post was one of the first posts I saw... I knew they were all tied together somehow...

I then went to Angel Numbers to look for the pertinence of 44444 in regard to the Saudi Arabia arrests, Erik's Facebook post, and to Jordan's video. I had a feeling it was going to be big !!

Jordan's video:
11.11 Update Jordan Sather with Notes.

The Angel Numbers website offers an excellent "general" view for interpretations. This is my summary of the meaning based on the interpretations on the Angel Numbers website: Angel Numbers - Number Sequences - Repeating 4's

Humanity is winning.

We are winning through assiduous tenacity of research and 
decoding the things that are not yet presented, nor yet SEEN. 

We will soon see!

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